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    Eddie Murphy at the 60th Academy Awards in 1988

    I had to cut this speech down to be able to fit it into a gifset so I uploaded the full thing to youtube and recommend checking it out for yourself.


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    black girls in the 90s

    My whole damn life

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    Nelly omg

    LmAo Nelly face is priceless 😂😂

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    never forget ,


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Source More Ultrafacts

This, my friends, is Madame CJ Walker and she was the first African American woman to ever successfully create her own line of hair products for other African American women.



    Source More Ultrafacts

    This, my friends, is Madame CJ Walker and she was the first African American woman to ever successfully create her own line of hair products for other African American women.

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    New Edition - Cool It Now (by NewEditionVEVO)

    Yes, GAWD

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    everyone you love will eventually disappoint you

    white_Feminism.jpg white_indie_music_Artists.jpg

    "recent adoption of twerking"

    white women need to just shut the fuck up forever.

    everyone you love will eventually disappoint you. 

    I find it funny how they only attacked Beyonce and Rihanna (black women), but didn’t attack any white women like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga. I don’t even know who these bitches are and I plan on keeping it that way.

    It’s so frustrating when white women talk about black female sexuality in famous black artists because our history of sexuality and liberation from patriarchy is SO FUCKING DIFFERENT from white women’s.

    I don’t want to put all black people under an umbrella, but black people who were enslaved from the South and West parts of Africa didn’t all come from backwards-ass woman-hating patriarchal societies. Our earliest forms of music and dance include sex because NOT EVERYONE FUCKED UP SEX, WHITE PEOPLE. As it turns out tons of people have lived for millennia without equating sex to evil.

    Like hello?! Our female artists were out here killin the music game throughout the whole history of African American music. All of the genres which we invented have prominent figures both male and female, before white woman singers were even taken seriously. AND WE’VE BEEN SINGING ABOUT SEX AND SELF EMPOWERMENT SINCE THE HISTORY OF AF AM MUSIC.

    So back the fuck up white women. Stop talking about our artists. They are from a different culture than you that is struggling between being shaped simultaneously by your sexist culture and our music tradition. When Beyoncé sings about sex and self empowerment, it is not faux. She is LITERALLY following female African American musical tradition, which you don’t know about because nobody ever compelled you to care about black people. You are BEING RACIST when you assume all women experience what you experience.

    And if you’re a white woman in the music industry you should be doubly ashamed of yourself. Is your music history whitewashed or what?

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    studies show there’s a 100% chance of sex if u send these to your crush on valentine’s day trust me i’m a scientist

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    "White girls like you. Creepin up, takin our men. The whole world aint enough, you gotta conquer ours too"

    - Nikki played by Bianca Lawson (Save The Last Dance 2001) 

    It really says something that in this movie they decided to make the Black Woman pointing out the white girl’s privilege, be the villain.

    Yup. She was the villain and we were supposed to sympathize with the poor lone white girl who was just trying to ‘fit in’.

    They actually pull this twice in the film because Kerry Washington’s character (Derek’s sister) speaks and defends Nikki, telling her that yes, you are a white girl, and your privilege gives you the benefit of pretending to be black, and then they vilify her too.

    But honestly this movie was some bullshit, because they made Nikki out to be bitter, only to have the lone white girl stand up for herself against the mean black girl. But hold up, because Fredro Starr’s character tells her the same shit, only more blunt, less polite, and less profound “You’re like milk and he’s like oil you just don’t mix.”…but no one says shit to him doe.

    Let’s talk about how she got into Julliard because she learned some cool black dances like the “Heel Toe” for example. I don’t see the Bianca’s in the world getting Julliard scholarships for doing moves that been apart of the Black Community since ever. I mean the reasons we’re given to sympathize with Julia Childs character is some side eye worthy shit.

    She’s from working class, living with a single parent, loss a parent in an crucial time in her life. Like I’m sure a good chunk of those Black kids living in Chicago, experience the same shit, but loner white girl is the “special snowflake” doe.


    Also, when was the last time we saw Bianca Lawson

    She workin?

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